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Christ The King

2016 - 2017 School Staff

Mrs R Darcy - <p>Principal</p>
Mrs R Darcy


Mrs E McDonald - <p>Nursery Teacher</p>
Mrs E McDonald

Nursery Teacher

Mrs N Casey - <p>Nursery Classroom Assistant</p>
Mrs N Casey

Nursery Classroom Assistant

Mrs R Quinn - <p>Vice Principal, Year 1 Teacher</p>
Mrs R Quinn

Vice Principal, Year 1 Teacher


Miss C O'Neill - <p>Year 1 Classroom Assistant</p>
Miss C O'Neill

Year 1 Classroom Assistant

Miss A Nugent - <p>Year 2 Teacher</p>
Miss A Nugent

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs J Clarke - <p>Year 2 Classroom Assistant</p>
Mrs J Clarke

Year 2 Classroom Assistant

Mrs C Sutherland - Year 2 Classroom Assistant
Mrs C Sutherland
Year 2 Classroom Assistant

Mrs M Quinn and Mr B. Tierney - <p>Year 3 Teacher</p>
Mrs M Quinn and Mr B. Tierney

Year 3 Teacher

Miss S McKernan - <p>Year 3 classroom assistant</p>
Miss S McKernan

Year 3 classroom assistant

Mr C Clarke - <p>Year 4 teacher</p>
Mr C Clarke

Year 4 teacher

Mrs M Graham - <p>Year 4 Classroom Assistant</p>
Mrs M Graham

Year 4 Classroom Assistant


Mrs N Toner - <p>Year 4 Teacher</p>
Mrs N Toner

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs E Donnelly - <p>Year 5 Teacher and Learning Support</p>
Mrs E Donnelly

Year 5 Teacher and Learning Support

Miss M Coyle - <p>Year 5 classroom assistant</p>
Miss M Coyle

Year 5 classroom assistant

Mr G Brogan - <p>Year 6 Teacher</p>
Mr G Brogan

Year 6 Teacher


Miss A Harte - <p>Year 6 classroom assistant</p>
Miss A Harte

Year 6 classroom assistant

Miss C Sludden - <p>Year 7 teacher</p>
Miss C Sludden

Year 7 teacher

Miss N Sharkey - <p>Year 7 Classroom Assistant</p>
Miss N Sharkey

Year 7 Classroom Assistant

Mrs T Judge  - <p>Office Administrator</p>
Mrs T Judge

Office Administrator


Mr J Mooney  - <p>Caretaker</p>
Mr J Mooney



The School Community

The school community works together to give all children at Christ the King PS the best opportunity reach their full potential.  There are a number of different groups that support the school:

  • The Parents

  • The Staff

  • C.C.M.S (Council for Catholic Maintained Schools)

  • E.A. (Education Authority)

  • D.E.N.I.  (Department of Education for Northern Ireland)

Some of these groups elect or appoint representatives onto the school’s Board of Governors.

School Support Staff

Jean Donnelly
Bernie Gormley
Patricia McGoldrick

Ann Bowles
Wendy Reid

Kitchen Staff
Maggie Cathcart
Bernie Gormley
Pauline McCullagh

School Patrol Crossing
Nuala McColgan
Brigid Fleming